200 trained in Sweden, Norway next

Over 200 professionals in Sweden have been trained to deliver Parenting Young Children: a program developed by the Parenting Research Centre for parents with intellectual disability.

In 2016, 12 professionals in Norway were trained by two qualified Swedish trainers. And in 2017 and 2018 three more training events will be delivered in Norway.

The evidence-informed program helps parents strengthen their skills and confidence in the following areas:

  • basic child care skills
  • positive parent-child interactions
  • confidence in their ability to parent their children.

Parenting Young Children facts

  • Program translated into Swedish in 2011
  • Over 200 Swedish professionals trained
  • 2 Swedish trainers now fully qualified to deliver professional training
  • All trained professionals receive ongoing support from Swedish leaders, peer networks and Parenting Research Centre
  • Over 60 municipalities in Sweden offer the program to families
  • 12 professionals in Norway trained
  • 3 further training events scheduled for Norway in 2017 and 2018
  • New funding will help explore digitisation of the program in Norway and Sweden

The widespread implementation of Parenting Young Children in Sweden has been made possible through our collaboration with the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, Brock University in Canada, and the Samverkan-Utveckling-Föräldraskap Knowledge Centre (SUF Kunskapcentrum) disability support agency in Uppsala.

Funding for the project has been provided by the Swedish Government, with over 5 million Swedish Krona awarded in three separate grants from 2011 to 2016.

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