Me as a Parent: measuring parents’ perceptions of how well they are parenting

Me as a Parent is a short questionnaire developed by the Parenting Research Centre. It can help service providers and researchers measure the following aspects of parental attitudes:

  • how parents feel they manage challenges and solve problems
  • the extent to which parents feel they can influence their children’s development.

We developed this user-friendly tool for the Australian context and ensured that it has statistical validity, stability and social reliability. It is the only measure of parenting sense of competence that combines the following characteristics:

  • parenting self-efficacy: parents’ belief that they can solve parenting problems
  • personal agency: parents attributing their child’s behaviour to their own efforts
  • self-sufficiency: parents relying on their own resources or external resources to solve problems
  • self-management: parents setting goals, and monitoring and evaluating the outcomes.

The scale is freely available to organisations that want to measure the impact of their parenting interventions with parents of infants through to teenagers.

It has been used in numerous services across Australia and is currently being tested in Portugal for its social validity in that cultural context. We are using the scale in smalltalk, one of our implementation projects, and we have also translated it into five community languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Farsi, Karen and Vietnamese.

We welcome enquires from organisations that wish to use the measure in their practice.

The scale can be accessed in the journal below where you can also read more about our development of the measure:
Hamilton, V. E., Matthews, J. M., & Crawford, S. B. (2014). Development and Preliminary Validation of a Parenting Self-Regulation Scale: “Me as a Parent”. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 1-12. (DOI 10.1007/s10826-014-0089-z).

Funded by the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training.