SafeCare: lowering incidences of child abuse and neglect

The Parenting Research Centre is helping to train home-visiting practitioners in the internationally renowned program SafeCare. This is the first time SafeCare has been offered in Australia.

SafeCare trains practitioners to support parents in enhancing their positive interactions with children, keeping their homes safe and improving their children’s health.

The National SafeCare Training and Research Center (NSTRC) of Georgia State University, USA, conducted four randomised control trials of SafeCare. Their trials demonstrated that it significantly lowers reports of child abuse and neglect in families where children are considered at risk of maltreatment.

Through leadership from the New South Wales (NSW) Department of Family and Community Services, the Parenting Research Centre partnered with NSTRC to conduct SafeCare training in Australia.

Acting in an intermediary role, we have helped to implement SafeCare in the following ways:

  • adapted SafeCare to the Australian context
  • adapted health-related material for the NSW context, e.g. immunisation schedules
  • developed a rigorous implementation support system
  • assessed the readiness of trial sites
  • liaised with leaders in trial sites.

For more information about SafeCare visit the NSTRC site.

Funded by New South Wales Government Department of Family and Community Service.