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Parenting Today in Victoria survey

The 2022 survey results are in: parents are telling us they are under pressure and can struggle to find the time to recharge


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Telepractice Hub

To best support parents and families, services need to identify when and how telepractice might work for their clients and to build skills and knowledge in effective telepractice delivery. Our Telepractice Hub is here to help.


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Embedding evidence-based practice

Our PracticeWorks method is a game changer for delivering services to children and families. It’s a new way of thinking that helps you take an approach to working with families in ways that are more effective for them. And for you.


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Latest News

20 September 2023

NDIS submission: The power of parents

12 September 2023

How practice governance can drive quality improvement  

21 August 2023

PracticeWorks case study: Barnardos Australia

30 August 2023

Webinar: Practice governance

02 June 2023

PRC staff to present at international parenting congress

03 April 2023

Opinion: Don’t abandon telepractice in a post-pandemic world

The complete online resource for Australian parents

Our major partnership offers trusted advice for parents on hundreds of topics - from pregnancy through to teens.

The complete online resource for Australian parents
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