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Telepractice resources

We are seeking to support service providers to make the most of digital technologies in delivering parenting support. This curated list of high-quality resources, developed in Australia and internationally, will be updated as new resources are identified or produced that meet the criteria for inclusion.

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Resources have been grouped into six categories, as listed below. Click on ‘Show all’ to see all resources, or click on the category to see relevant resources.


Virtual Home Visiting Strategies that Support all Children and Families

Length: 55 minutes

A webinar for practitioners conducting virtual home visits with children and families. It includes strategies on how to effectively engage and support families virtually and promote positive outcomes. 


Client-centred telepractice in community services

Length: 5-minute read

An article providing practitioners with insight into client perspectives of telepractice, including barriers they may face. With implications for practitioners, the article outlines key considerations when using telepractice, and includes links to useful tools and resources.

Using the SS-OO-PP-RR: Guiding Home Visiting during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Length: 13 minutes

A discussion between three specialists about using a ‘SS-OO-PP-RR’ framework to guide home visits, that can be used in both face-to-face visits and telepractice sessions.

How to do a high-quality virtual consultation

Length: 1 page

A document produced by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine, useful for practitioners utilising telepractice for consultations with patients.

10 Strategies for engaging parents during tele intervention

Length: 4.5-minute read

A publication by Early Intervention Strategies for Success with strategies for early intervention therapists to engage with a parent or caregiver via telepractice, to create the best outcomes for parent and child.

Who might be suited to telepractice services and programs, and under what circumstances?

Length: 5-page digital form

A form developed by Parenting Research Centre that can be used to help guide practitioners in negotiating with a client about whether telepractice is a preferred or viable option.

Tips for Early Intervention Telepractice

Length: 3-minute read

An article published by Thera Platform exploring how practitioners working with children can establish rapport at the beginning of a telepractice session.

Telepractice – a family guide and resource (Plumtree)

Length: 16 pages

A guide published by Plumtree including various short videos (ranging from 1-5 minutes) of parent and practitioner experiences using telepractice.

Online Speech Therapy (with guest Leanne Sherred)

Length: 46 minutes

A podcast episode discussing the pros and cons of online speech therapy sessions for children with special needs.

Coaching Parents on Feeding Techniques via Telepractice

Length: 6 minute-read

In this article published by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, a Speech Language Pathologist outlines her experiences with moving to telepractice and the techniques she has used to adapt her practice.

The Case for Telepractice: Should Hanen programs be offered to families online?

Length: 4 pages

This is a publication by The Hanen Centre for early childhood educators and therapists, providing insight into the uses of virtual technology in clinical practice. It presents adaptations that can be made to best yield success in telepractice.

Sharpening your telepractice tools

Length: 30 mins

Webinar by Reimagine Australia that explores methods for early childhood intervention practitioners to improve their practice when delivering services virtually.

Supporting children and families through telehealth

Length: 30 mins

An occupational therapist shares her experience of delivering telehealth services. This Emerging Minds podcast episode explores how to maximise ...

Family time – tips for using video chats 

Length: 2 pages

A two-page PDF by the University of Sydney with recommendations for communicating with children via video chats.

I can parent too! Engaging virtually with families

Length: 60 mins

Released by the USA-based Rapid Response Virtual Home Visiting collaborative and intended for family support professionals who work with parents with learning difficulties.

Telepractice Myths

Length: 7 mins

A webinar that can be used by allied health therapists. It is a presentation of practical findings from a research study undertaken by the University of Sydney and Therapy Connect to bust myths about telepractice and shows the experiences of different therapists with virtual conferences.

Telepractice Guidelines for Early Childhood Intervention

Length: 20 pages

Prepared by ECIA for early childhood intervention practitioners, this guideline is intended to clearly outline the main principles practitioners should adopt to deliver quality telepractice to the children and families they work with, including case examples from parents and therapists.

Helping children in care stay in contact with their birth families during COVID-19

Length: 4.5 minute-read

A short article published by AIFS (Australian Institute of Family Services) intended for out-of-home care caseworkers.

Telepractice for early childhood intervention practitioners

Length: 26 pages

A guide created by Reimagine Australia (formerly Early Childhood Intervention Australia) which outlines how to plan, undertake and follow up consultations with parents and their children through telepractice.

A practical guide to working with children and families through Telehealth

Length: 10 mins watching, 5 mins reading

A video and text guide by Emerging Minds for intended use by practitioners working with children and families. It provides insight into how to prepare and conduct a session via telepractice.

Digital Capabilities Statement for Social Workers

Length: 5-10 mins each

British Association of Social Workers Webpage that links to various sections that indicate how and why social workers should develop skills in telepractice.

COVID-19 and early intervention: Evidence, challenges and risks relating to virtual and digital delivery

Length: 54 pages

A review from Early Intervention Foundation which provides insight into the evidence for various telepractice approaches.

Criteria for inclusion

Each resource has fully satisfied the first two essential criteria, and achieved a total score of at least three points across the desirable criteria (with a rating of ‘absent’ earning 0 points, ‘partially met’ earning 1 point and ‘fully met’ earning 2 points).

  • Essential
    The resource is highly relevant to practitioners in the family services sector
    The resource has applicability beyond the immediate necessity for adaptations in response to COVID-19.
  • Desirable
    The resource is clear, succinct and actionable
    The resource is reliable (ie. cites evidence and/or is from a reputable source)
    The messaging is consistent with effective framing regarding children and parenting.
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