Evidence summary: Peer support interventions for parents

Title: Evidence summary: Peer support interventions for parents
Author: Parenting Research Centre
Published: 2016

This evidence summary examines the evidence around peer support interventions for parents and carers raising children with special needs. It draws on a number of research papers, and is also based on evidence from the MyTime program coordinated by the Parenting Research Centre since 2006.

Report key findings

  • Parents and carers of children with special needs often have health and wellbeing challenges due to the demands of high intensity care.
  • These parents can become socially isolated and miss out on the health and wellbeing benefits of social support. They may also have difficulty accessing services.ŸŸ
  • Peer support interventions provide a support network, and the opportunity to access knowledge and resources.ŸŸ
  • The organisation of a peer support group and the skill of the group leader contribute to the success of the group for its members.

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