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Parenting Today in Victoria survey

The evidence shows that children thrive when parents are well supported. But how do we know what kind of help parents need the most?


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Embedding evidence-based practice

Our PracticeWorks method is a game changer for delivering services to children and families. It’s a new way of thinking that helps you take an approach to working with families in ways that are more effective for them. And for you.


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Reframing parenting

A major research project has discovered a powerful new narrative that will change public thinking about parenting. One tool is to explain how communities can be lighthouses and safe harbours for parents during life’s storms.


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Latest News

01 July 2021

Derek McCormack appointed Director of

08 June 2021

Partnering to support the mental health and wellbeing of new and expectant parents

31 May 2021

Evaluating the Teens and beyond program

31 May 2021

Elly Robinson appointed Principal, Practice Design

03 May 2021

Voice Project Award

09 March 2021

PRC’s Partnering with Parents rolled out in Vic kinders

The complete online resource for Australian parents

Our major partnership offers trusted advice for parents on hundreds of topics - from pregnancy through to teens.

The complete online resource for Australian parents
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