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How we work

The way we work at the Parenting Research Centre is just as important as the type of work we do.

Our collaborative, partner-focused approach is embedded in our organisational DNA. As a result, we’re known for our supportive and approachable style and a focus on learning and discovery. Here’s how we do it.

A strong culture and a proven method

Our strong leadership consistently demonstrates a client-focus. They keep our core values of responsiveness, open mindedness and collaboration alive.

Also, our entire method of work is based on a co-design approach that helps organisations build their own and others’ capacity to deliver good parenting support. So if we imposed a solution on you, or made a recommendation for change and then walked away, we wouldn’t be doing our job.

The people we employ

We take great care in hiring people who are passionate about the power of effective parenting and who understand what true partnership looks like. This effort has helped us both build and maintain our strong culture. We’ve also sought to bring on board a breadth and depth of skills so we can be agile in responding to the needs of those we’re working for.

The systems we use

We’re proud of our systems because they provide the structural support for our collaborative approach. We have ISO 9001:2015 quality management organisation accreditation. This means we have agreed governance structures, reporting procedures, project management systems and established communication protocols that keep our work client-focused, on budget and on time. We also have a strong corporate services culture, with effective support from our finance, legal, communications and administration teams.

The feedback loop

We want to know what you think of our work – and where we can improve – so we seek regular feedback from our clients. We work with others on building cycles of continuous quality improvement and we want this for our own organisation too. So we’re pleased to say that our customer satisfaction scores are high 100% of people who participated in our most recent client survey fell into the top two satisfaction ratings.

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