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New project to fast-track ‘best spends’ on child mental health

5 December 2018: A new project will fast-track ways to help professionals intervene early on child mental health

What works in providing trauma-focused support for children in care?

A new evaluation of a service to reduce trauma for children in out-of-home care.

Focus on child sleep could boost physical activity: study

4 December 2018: Supporting parents to improve their children’s sleep patterns could boost physical activity and potentially reduce obesity risk, our research shows.

If you build it, will they come? Solving participation issues in parenting support

30 November 2018: Funding parent engagement as a key component of parenting programs will help Australia get the most from its public investments in this area. Read our article in The Mandarin.

Education staff a key touchpoint for parents with mental health difficulties

3 Dec 2018: Media release. Parents experiencing mental health difficulties are more likely to interact with early childhood and school education staff around decisions and advice about their children.

Tool tackles impact of mental illness across generations

23 November, 2018: New research shows that a tool being used in Victoria can improve services for families impacted by a parent’s mental illness.

Family coaching program promotes housing stability

22 November 2018: An innovative pilot program using coaches to help Queensland families in public housing has improved families’ emotional wellbeing,our evaluation has found.

Opinion: A case for changing the message on parenting

20 November 2018: Building community support for better structures and systems to help parents will require a shift in the way we talk about parenting, writes Annette Michaux.

Lessons for parents on surviving Schoolies: talk early talk often

19 Nov 2018: Media release. Opening the lines of communication – and keeping them open – is an important way to connect with your teenager during the party season say experts at

Intensive family support program improves child safety

A Queensland Government program providing intensive support to vulnerable families is successfully reducing child protection notifications, our evaluation work shows. The Queensland Intensive Family Support Service launched in 2015 to improve safety for children and families. It does this by ...

Opinion: Children’s wellbeing tied to dads’ mental health

5 September 2018: The way a child grows and develops is powerfully influenced by their father's mental health. Read our latest article in The Conversation.

One in five Australian dads experience depression or anxiety after having kids

31 August 2018: Media release. One in five fathers say they have suffered symptoms of depression or anxiety since having children.

Project launched to change the conversation about parenting

23 August 2018: A major shift in the way we communicate about parenting is needed, according to this new research which proposes a way forward for positive messages.

Parenting support: trends and evidence-based practice

These webinars provide an update of recent research and contemporary thinking on parenting support, and explore the challenges of implementing evidence-based programs in this area.

Opinion: Seven lessons on evidence-informed practice

20 July 2018: A decade-long partnership based on co-design and mutual trust has produced key lessons. Read our latest oped piece in The Mandarin

Parenting support key to protecting child rights

6 July 2018: Read our submission to the National Children's Commissioner on progress in implementing the Convention on the Rights of Children

Boredom is fantastic for children’s play, say parenting experts

19 June 2018: Media release. A bit of boredom is not a bad thing – in fact it can actually do children some good, say experts at

More NSW families supported via tried-and-tested program

31 May 2018: The Parenting Research Centre is now home to Australia's largest group of coaches in SafeCare, a program shown to reduce child abuse and neglect

Parenting Young Children program makes international inroads

30 May 2018: Japan is the third overseas country to adopt our program for parents with learning difficulties

Opinion: Building parent confidence will reap rewards

21 May 2018: How can policymakers help Australian families to thrive? Read our oped piece in The Mandarin.

New practitioner course on child wellbeing launched

16 May 2018: Building Blocks is a new online course to help practitioners work with parents around their child’s mental health

Inquiry submission: supporting new parents and babies

21 Feb 2018: Good parenting is achievable with the right support, we told the NSW inquiry on support for new parents and babies

Raising Children Network reaches new milestone

18 Jan 2018: The Raising Children Network has reached a milestone in providing trusted information for parents

Skills program a beacon for vulnerable families

18 Jan 2018: A new parenting program we're helping pilot shows great potential in keeping vulnerable families together

National Centre for Child Mental Health goes live

1 Dec 2017: Emerging Minds: the National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health set to support professionals

Victorian parents faring well but hungry for help raising teens

28 Nov 2017: Media release. Most parents are confident but seeking reassurance in key areas, our research shows

Smalltalk offshoot named as Victorian awards finalist

An extension of our smalltalk initiative was honoured at the 2017 Victorian Early Years Awards.

New project identifies parenting messages that resonate

Project builds on previous work to frame parenting messages for policy makers and the general public

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